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For over 20 years, Professor Michael Bernard and his colleagues have developed resources and training programs to strengthen the social, emotional and learning capabilities of people of all ages. Recognised by Beyond Blue/Be You as best practice, our online programs lead to higher levels of mental health and wellbeing, achievement and positive relationships.


YCDI’s school-based well-being and motivation-achievement online programs are employed in schools world-wide including New Zealand, Romania, UK, USA. Over 1,000,000 students of all ages have participated in our programs.

The new third edition of this extremely popular online digital program now includes specific suggestions for teaching young children 3-4 years of age. These suggestions appear within the 32 lesson plans.

The program teaches the positive attitudes and social-emotional skills that develop young children’s resilience, confidence, persistence, organisation and getting along. A team of teachers experienced in social-emotional learning along with Professor Michael Bernard have contributed many new lessons.


Program Achieve curricula (Primary) contains lessons that teach attitudes, values/character strengths and social-emotional skills for success, relationships and wellbeing as well as for overcoming social-emotional blockers.

A scope and sequence have been developed based on this framework covering eight lessons for each of four terms across years 1 to 6 (192 lessons).


Program Achieve – Secondary is available online providing teachers access to digital activity plans and downloadable Teacher Guides and Student Worksheets. This curriculum is deliberately designed to contain short, targeted activities delivered in 15 – 20 minute periods during the busy timetabled secondary school day.


The Successful Mind for School, Work and Life is a 10-session course designed for upper secondary students to prepare them for their final years in school, pre-employment and part-time work experiences and for life beyond school.

The digital Leader’s Guide contains background information and a session plan needed to conduct each of the 10 sessions.



You Can Do It! Parent Education provides schools with latest research-proven resources for developing positive and effective parents.


Training programs and eLearning based on the latest international research in the mindset needed for high performance at work, social connection and wellbeing.

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