Mentoring Program for University/Tertiary Students

Mindset for post-secondary work and stress management.

Highly successful when incorporated in existing mentoring programs.

Positive evaluation, Deakin University, Faculty Business & Law.

Mentors find it easy to explain different elements of mindset.

Mentees show benefits in desire to continue in their study.

University student support, engagement services enhanced.

The Successful Mind in Study, Work and Life

Mentoring Program

A new role for mentors is being introduced in university’s mentoring programs: mentors providing mentees with the latest information based on psychological research concerning the different elements of a successful mind.

Over the past 20 years and more, the inner world of students of all ages has been investigated by researchers and analysed by Professor Michael Bernard to see which elements of mental functioning contribute to high levels of academic performance as well as wellbeing. We now possess a pretty good understanding of elements of a successful mind in study, work and life.

This 10-session mentoring program consisting of an online, Mentor’s Guide and a digital, interactive, 140+ page Student Guide teaches the following elements of a high performance mindset.

Transforming a university’s mission
beyond the academic

Extraordinary and effective way to promote student success and wellbeing

a particularly relevant point today, given the current sector-wide attention on the need for universities to do far more to help students with their mental health challenges.

Helps reduce student attrition

bolstering your university’s brand and reputation, as well as supporting its critical financial imperatives.

Improves student satisfaction and success

enriching overall student experience, creating happier, more loyal endorsers, and boosting the number of high-achieving, more capable and more employable graduates.

Some time ago, Deakin University's Faculty of business and Law Mentor program implemented a new component called "The Successful Mind.” This was aimed at improving student success and addressing 10 key topics which would help students achieve success within their university life. I attended an amazing training session by Professor Michael E. Bernard who, incidentally, is the mind behind " The Successful Mind'. I have personally applied some of the concepts from his book which have led to great results. This was an amazing experience….I hope more and more students benefit from this brilliant program.
Mathangi Mahalingam
Mentor, Team Leader, Drop in Centre, Deakin University Faculty of Business & Law
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