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Frequently asked questions

As a result of school closures due to COVID-19 schools that purchased annual licences for the YCDI! curricula programs will be allowed to continue the teaching by educators of YCDI! through distance learning.  Schools may distribute in print or electronically the content (e.g., Student Worksheets, modified Lesson Plans) of the programs.  The school login to access the curricula programs is not to be shared with parents or other individuals.
Schools may modify or abridge the lessons to suit their students’ needs during this period.  The Bernard Group cannot accept any responsibility for the accuracy or efficacy of any altered or abridged lesson sent home by schools.
Any YCDI! content, in any form, may only be shared with families in your school community.  The intellectual property of all YCDI! programs and resources, including any modifications made by schools of existing lessons for use at home by parents, remains with The Bernard Group. Schools are required to notify their parents of this at the time of distributing any YCDI! materials to their school community. Please see our full terms of use.
Annual licences purchased by schools are for use by educators within the school.  Sharing the school login with parents or other individuals outside the school is not permitted.

The YCDI! elearning online digital programs can be purchased through the CATALOGUE using our online shopping cart. Schools and organisations can elect to purchase using a credit card or a purchase order at checkout. You will need to create an account to make a final purchase. Ongoing purchases can be easily made through the school’s account login. All school/organisation purchases are accessible through the school/organisation LOGIN (My Resources tab).


For Schools and Organisations:
Payment can be made by Credit Card, Cheque, Direct Bank Deposit and EDConnect for NSW Schools.

For Individuals (parents, individuals):
Parents or individuals cannot purchase any of the curricula programs in the Schools Catalogue. Purchases from the Parent Catalogue can only be made using the online shopping cart with requesting credit card payment.


YCDI! elearning online programs are accessible around the globe. If your school or organisation is located outside of Australia please download our International Order Form and email to to process your purchase.

International payments can be made by Credit Card when purchasing online, or by International Bank Wire Deposit or Credit Card link in the invoice if purchasing using a Purchase Order. Each order will be assessed individually regarding payment. All postage quotes for non-digital materials need to be approved by the purchaser prior to the order being processed.

When purchasing a YCDI! elearning digital online curricula or other program your school is committing to an annual licence (365 days) from the date of enrolment. A renewal licence will be automatically sent to your school towards the end of the licence period. If a renewal is not purchased access to the program/s will expire on the anniversary of the enrolment date.

If your school has more than one campus, a separate digital license for EACH program that each campus will be using must be purchased.  YCDI! digital resources accessed through a school’s LOG IN are not transferable between school campuses.  Each campus is required to have a unique LOG IN. 

The YCDI! elearning content will work on various hardware platforms, but the following is an example of a minimum-specification that would be expected to deliver a rich, interactive user experience:

  • PC or Mac
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 or above, Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or above, Modern Linux variant
  • 32-bit colour graphics
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Recommended minimum browser:
    Google Chrome 30, Firefox 25.0, Safari 6, Microsoft Edge 
  • The latest version of Adobe Flash player
  • Pop-ups, Javascript and MP3s enabled

As elearning is usually delivered online we would recommend the following bandwidths for internet access:

  • Minimum bandwidth: 256 kbps
  • If using video: 512 kbps
You can check the speed of your internet access on the following website:
  • Recommended minimum browser:
    Google Chrome 30, Firefox 25.0, Safari 6, Microsoft Edge 
  • Please note that Internet Explorer is not supported.

This website and its contents is covered by Australian Copyright Law.  The Bernard Group owns, has licensed or has permission for all intellectual property used throughout this website.  Requests and enquiries concerning reproduction and rights should be addressed to The Bernard Group.

All YCDI! Education online digital and non-digital content is also covered by Australian Copyright Law.  The Bernard Group gives the purchaser of programs permission where stated to print and download material for teaching purposes only.

Copying or printing of non-digital materials  (posters, student handbooks) listed for purchase in the YCDI! catalogue is not permitted.

Content (printed material, downloadable files, non-digital resources) may not be shared or communicated with individuals outside your school.  Access and use of these materials are not permitted beyond the annual licensing period.  Please read our full terms of use.

Schools or organisations wanting to use YCDI! visuals, logos or other YCDI! materials outside of our terms of use must send a request in writing to

There could be many reasons but the most probable is that you have simply forgotten your password, are trying the wrong one, or have you entered it incorrectly. Username and Passwords are case sensitive. Some other things to think about include:

  • Do you have caps lock on?
  • Does your password include a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters? It should be entered exactly as originally created by yourself or provided by your school/organisation.

If you believe you have entered the correct password, but still cannot login please contact your school/organisation’s original provider of the Login details or send an email to

Once you have purchased any of the YCDI! online programs log in to your YCDI! account. All programs your school is enrolled in will be listed under the MY RESOURCES tab accessed from the top menu bar.

To view a program your school is enrolled in, navigate to your MY RESOURCES and click on the title of the program you wish to view.

Clicking the left facing arrow (circled below) will move these titles to the left sidebar of you webpage.  If this happens click the arrow again to once again view the list of titles.

Viewing My Programs or My Resources


If your My Resources page appears blank (like the image below) it is possible that you have inadvertently moved the content to the left-hand sidebar.

To view your listed resources again click on the small arrow icon (circled below) to move the content back to the main page.

To view the sections listed within a lesson click the arrow on the left of the lesson section to display the section content.

Click the arrow on the bottom left of the video to begin playing the video.

The icon on the bottom right of the video will allow you to size the video to full screen.

If you cannot play any of the video or audio files included in the elearning programs check that your school does not have restrictions on its internet use.

Make sure you are using a compatible web browser: Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge (Internet Explorer is not supported).

Click the arrow on the left of the play field to begin the audio.

If you cannot play any of the video or audio files included in the elearning programs check that your school does not have restrictions on its internet use.  

Make sure you are using a compatible web browser: Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge (Internet Explorer is not supported).

The downloads listed at the end of the program lessons or activities are hyperlinks to pdf files.

Hover your mouse over the title of the required download and click once. The pdf file will open in a new window. From here you can display, save or print the pdf file.

Ensure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader to successfully view all pdf content. Adobe Reader is free software that can be downloaded from the Adobe website if required.


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