Secondary School Wellbeing and Achievement Programs

YCDI! Education was first developed for secondary students.

Helps students cope with stress of exams, schoolwork, relationships.

Supports students mental health.

Overcomes blockers of anxiety, feeling down, anger, procrastination.

Confidence, persistence, organisation, getting along, resilience.

Teaches students how to change the way they think.

Accepting Myself - personal development student elearning
Accepting Myself. How to Help Young People Feel Worthwhile No Matter What (ages 9 -16+)

This program includes 12-month access to a three-part, online eLearning program that takes 30 to 60 minutes to complete.

The eLearning program takes place in outer space where students select one of two avatars to guide them through the universe. Throughout each of the three parts, students engage with interactive and fun activities that help to personalise and teach the ABCs of self-acceptance.

Program Achieve Secondary. A Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum (years 7 – 10)

Schools asked Michael Bernard to develop a curriculum that secondary teachers could present across a full school year to develop the personal and social capabilities now spelt out in the Australian national curriculum.

A team of teachers wrote Program Achieve Secondary, recently recognised as best practice by Beyond Blue – Be You and re-designed as an on-line program.

The Successful Mind for School, Work and Life: Leader’s Guide – Secondary years 9 – 12

Recently, Michael Bernard reviewed what the research has revealed as the elements or capabilities of the mental make-up of upper-level, high performing, emotionally healthy students with positive relationships.

He designed a 10-session program that fits comfortably in the packed upper-secondary, school timetable.

The digital Leader’s Guide contains background information and a session plan needed to conduct each of the 10 sessions.

The Successful Mind Student Handbook
The Successful Mind for School, Work and Life: Student Handbook – Secondary years 9 – 12

This Student Handbook is required for students participating in The Successful Mind for School, Work and Life course.

It contains a variety of content, activity worksheet students complete during each session, a variety of tips and individual action plans completed after a session.

Bullying The Power to Cope
Bullying – The Power to Cope (years 4 – 9)

Based on the latest research in cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), Bullying: The Power to Cope, recognised by Beyond Blue – Be You as best practice, was developed to meet a need.

This program helps students re-structure, their stress-creating, extremely negative ways of thinking (self-talk) to more moderate and less stress-creating ways of thinking about the act of being teased or bullied. Students learn the importance of not taking anti-social behaviour personally and that they can tolerate different forms of bullying including cyber-bullying. Published research conducted at the University of Melbourne shows a very powerful impact of the program.

This Thursday I am commencing Cohort one, so the information sheet is quite timely. I have worked through the majority of the on-line course, Social-Emotional Learning for All. Best Practice of You Can Do It! Education, and it reflects exactly what we are after for our staff. I am currently exploring methods that we can use within our timetable to utilise our learning tools and the YCDI! Program Achieve (Secondary) curriculum for all our students.
Andrew Robertson
Assistant Principal (Wellbeing), Damascus College (Secondary)
Be You Programs Directory - Beyond Blue

You Can Do It! Education programs have been independently reviewed and are listed in the Be You Programs Directory. It meets the minimum evidence requirements set by Be You and has been awarded a rating for evidence and implementation.

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