School Professional Development Programs and Resources

Social emotional learning (SEL), central purpose of YCDI!

YCDI! offers range of SEL PD programs (principals, teachers).

eLearning program trains staff in teaching of YCDI! school-wide.

eLearning program helps strengthen resilience of staff.

Social-Emotional Learning for All elearning professional development course
Elearning Program
Social-Emotional Learning for All. Best Practice of You Can Do It! Education

Our most popular and successful PD program is now available online.

Narrated by Professor Michael Bernard, this program teaches the best practice of YCDI! Education including how to use our online curricula and integrate SEL in classrooms and school-wide.

This 9-module, 4-hour online program with an accompanying 100+ page digital guide can be completed by individuals in more than one sitting.

For new and experienced teachers, this program delivers the current best practices for teaching YCDI! Education. 

The course was really interesting, a fabulous refresher of the research behind YCDI! and the components of the program. Audio and video clips showing the language of YCDI! in action were especially helpful in giving examples of how to frame conversations with students and parents. The points for reflection at the end of each module helped consolidate my thinking. Having the accompanying course guide was so helpful as I didn’t need to furiously scribble down notes as I was listening. As someone who has used the YCDI! program for over 10 years, the Best Practice course was so valuable in re-centering my thinking.
Peita van Bussel
Transition to Year 2 Coordinator, Abbotsleigh
The Resilient Educator elearning professional development course
Elearning Program
The Resilient Educator

Over the past two decades, 100s of schools have invited YCDI! trainers to present a half-day workshop on resilience to teachers, school principals and school business managers.

Now available online this 4-module program with accompanying 35-page digital guide, is designed to:

1. strengthen participants’ social-emotional capabilities, and

2. ‘acquaint’ and personalise participants with the attitudes and social-emotional skills that teachers present to students as they employ social-emotional programs like Program Achieve.

Professor Michael Bernard joined Positive Schools in 2017 to deliver an outstanding keynote presentation on building resiliency. He presented with a perfect blend of humour, sincerity and knowledge, assuring that the audience were engaged, informed and inspired. His content rich presentation offered useful information and a wealth of practical strategies to help teachers build their own resiliency and also better support their colleagues and students. He received unanimously fabulous feedback from delegates and other presenters.
Dr. Helen Street
Co-Chair, Positive Schools Initiative
The You Can Do It! Education Resource Book: Classroom and School-wide Practices for Social and Emotional Learning

The YCDI! Resource Book is invaluable for those who have responsibility for supporting the implementation of YCDI! Education at their school in the form of ongoing professional development.

It comes as no surprise that evaluations of social and emotional learning programs reveal that for a maximum number of students to be positively impacted by SEL programs, SEL must occur beyond just the regular teaching to students of lessons from a SEL curricula (e.g. Program Achieve).

This resource is ideal for those teachers wishing to learn more about how to explain and teach positive attitudes and social-emotional skills to students including supportive classroom and school-wide practices.

Stress Management for Teachers and Principals
Stress Management for Teachers and Principals: A Professional Development Program

Today, schools and school principals in particular have the responsibility for supporting the mental health and wellbeing of staff with ongoing professional development being an obvious place to reach all staff.

Stress Management for Teachers and Principals enables schools to build the psychological capital of staff (who they are as people) in order to manage stress and cope with the myriad of challenges and demands of working and teaching in schools.

Coaching Teachers and Parents to Build Social-Emotional Strengths of Students
Coaching Teachers and Parents to Build Social-Emotional Strengths of Students with Achievement, Behaviour and Mental Health Issues

This resource is written for those educators and mental health practitioners who have responsibility for the development of plans and programs for individual students of all ages who have behaviour problems, under-achieve and/or worry excessively.

Investigations by Michael Bernard and international researchers reveal these students demonstrate delays in their social-emotional development; specifically, this group of students have been found to lack confidence, persistence, resilience, organisation and getting along skills. Teachers and parents require a skill-set in order to build the SELs of these students. This resource helps coach teachers and parents of identified/referred students in steps to take to build their social-emotional strengths.

Attitudes and Behaviours for Learning (AB4L): A Professional Development Program to Offer at Your School

The AB4L program is designed for a professional development coordinator or leader who conducts teacher training sessions (e.g., curriculum coordinator; special educator; school counsellor, school psychologist, school principal/deputy).

Extensive research with students who under-perform in their reading and maths reveals significant delays in their attitudes and behaviours needed for learning engagement. In a short period of PD, teachers who participate in AB4L learn how to teach students to recognise negative and positive self-talk as well as behaviours for learning needed for classroom instruction, small group and dyadic work and for homework. Published research demonstrates a very positive impact.

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