05. The You Can Do It! Education Resource Book: Classroom and School-wide Practices for Social and Emotional Learning

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The You Can Do It! Education Resource Book is an ideal resource for school leaders and YCDI! Education coordinators who have the responsibility for providing ongoing professional development in You Can Do It! Education.

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Professor Michael E. Bernard

Target Audience

School administrators and teachers implementing YCDI! Education in their schools and classrooms; YCDI! Education school coordinators.


The YCDI! Education Resource Book contains a set of classroom resources including handouts and surveys that teachers can employ with students whether or not they are implementing the YCDI! Education curricula, Program Achieve. Additionally, material to assist schools in implementing successful, school-wide implementation of You Can Do It! Education is presented.

Part 1

has five sections each of which provides teachers with background information to integrate and communicate to students the five social and emotional skills (Confidence, Persistence, Organisation, Getting Along and Resilience) and 12 Attitudes (e.g., Growth Mindset, Accepting Myself, Giving Effort, Goal Setting) now taught in YCDI! Education.

Part 2

presents YCDI! Education good practices from 100s of schools that have implemented YCDI! Education school-wide. A five-stage implementation model helps guide school leadership and YCDI! Education planning teams who have responsibility for decision making and school-wide annual and three-year leadership, management, accountability/assessment and professional development in YCDI! Education. The YCDI! Education School Audit is presented to facilitate a school’s self-assessment of its’ implementation of YCDI! Education, which can act as a guide for future planning.

Part 3

contains a list of tips teachers, and others can employ with students who demonstrate any of five Social-Emotional Blockers: anger-misbehaving, anxiety, feeling down, procrastination and not paying attention.

Part 4

can be discussed during professional development sessions with staff when the issue of student mental health is addressed. Additionally, individual staff can review content that presents a variety of things they can say and do when confronted with students with social-emotional blockers.

Part 5 

contains YCDI! Education surveys of students’ social-emotional development.

Part 6 

shows how different schools covering the early years through secondary schools have communicated YCDI! Education in visuals.

“We have found the You Can Do It program to be of even greater relevance during the COVID-19 remote learning period, in supporting the emotional wellbeing and resilience of our students. Thank you for the great resources!”
Karen Hodgkins
Leading Teacher of Mental Health and Wellbeing, Mount Martha Primary School


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