E2. The Resilient Educator Elearning Program

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This elearning program is ideal for new and experienced educators and school leaders seeking tools for strengthening resilience.

  • $140 per participant for up to 13 participants
  • $1,925 total for 14 or more participants

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Professor Michael E. Bernard

Target Audience

Primary and Secondary School Teachers, Special Educators, School Principals, Mental Health Practitioners


Now available online this 4-module program presented by Professor Michael Bernard with an accompanying 35-page digital guide is designed to:

  1. strengthen participants’ social-emotional capabilities, and
  2. ‘acquaint’ and personalise participants with the attitudes and social-emotional skills that teachers present to students as they employ social-emotional programs like Program Achieve.

This four-module program takes approximately 30 minutes per module to complete.

Module 1. Work Stress in School
  • Common stressors  of school principals
  • The good news: How stress can be managed
  • Brain science discovers what controls your stress
  • Immediate ways to increase resilience and manage stress
  • How to re-calibrate the ‘badness’ of events
  • Case studies
Module 2. ‘Resilience’ The Big Picture
  • Resilience defined
  • Three critical insights needed to manage stress
  • Examples of adverse events; School Leaders
  • The ABCs of managing emotional stress
Module 3. The Strength of Self-Acceptance
  • What is self-acceptance?
  • Self-acceptance at work
  • How strong is your self-acceptance
  • Keys for strengthening your self-acceptance
Module 4. Strengthening Resilience: Three Step Action Plan
  • Step 1. Take Stock
    Identifying adverse events in your ‘Zone of Vulnerability’
  • Step 2. Take Control
    Harnessing the power of your self-talk
    Harnessing the power of your coping skills
  • Step 3. Take Action
    How to build your behavioural strengthsThis elearning program presented by Professor Michael Bernard is ideal for new and experienced educators and school leaders seeking tools for strengthening the resilience needed to cope with the demands and challenges of working in schools.


Participants will:

  1. deepen their understanding of resilience
  2. increase their self-awareness of their self-acceptance
  3. strengthen aspects of their resilience needed to positively respond to adverse events at school (and in life)
  4. increase their sense of confidence and self-efficacy
  5. develop stronger relationships with those most difficult to get along with (students, colleagues)
  6. become calmer, less stressed


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