10. Stress Management for Teachers and Principals: A Professional Development Program

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This is a professional development resource for individual study. Additionally, it is designed to be part of a staff wellbeing program with content shared regularly at meetings and coaching sessions by professional development and school leaders who have responsibility for principal, teacher, and staff wellbeing.

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Professor Michael E. Bernard

Target Audience

Professional development coordinators, school leaders and coaches/mentors who have responsibility for mental health and wellbeing of school personnel


Professor Michael Bernard shares what he has learned from coaching stressed teachers and principals, conducting professional development stress management workshops at schools, his experiences in working with teachers and principals retired from teaching due to stress worked, his own published research on stress-creating attitude and his earlier book, Taking the Stress Out of Teaching.

In this stress management series, an emphasis is placed on what you can do to take the stress out of your work. It incorporates the latest research in the field of neuroscience that has identified the importance of the pre-frontal cortex of your brain –sometimes called your inner CEO – as the source of resilience you need to combat stress. Many of the strategies described for managing stress are designed to activate and strengthen the pre-frontal cortex.


Teachers and others can be made aware of the availability of the program and its content and can be encouraged to download booklets, listen online to audio programs and identify stress cards for personal study.

Throughout the school year, professional development sessions can be held either at a staff meeting or as a stand-alone session on different topics covered in this stress management program.

If a first- or second-year teacher has had little or no exposure to stress management and best practices for its management, it is strongly suggested that as part of a school’s induction program, teachers with the support of a mentor work through the program and developing as part of their individual professional development plan, areas of stress management to strengthen (e.g., relaxation, classroom management).

  1. The Tsunami of Stress
  2. Self-Assessment of Teacher Stress
  3. The Resilient Mindset
  4. The Strength of Self-Acceptance
  5. Mindfulness and Relaxation
  6. Lifestyle Management
  7. Time Management
  8. Classroom Management and Social-Emotional Learning
  9. Relationships and How to Get Along with Difficult People
  10. Support. Seek It Out and Give It
  11. High Performing, Low-Stress School Principals
  • Part 1. Taking Charge: How to Get What You Want Out of Your Job (and Life)
  • Part 2. The ABCs of Self-Management: Dealing with Difficult Situations and People
  • Part 3. Self-Acceptance and Goal Setting
  • Part 4. People Skills: Conflict Resolution and Communication at Work
  • Part 5. Classroom Management: From Chaos to Control
  • Part 6. Managing Your Time and Overcoming Procrastination
  • Part 7. Relaxation: Keeping Calm Under Pressure
  • Part 8. Lifestyle Management: Exercise, Diet and Recreation


  1. Mindfulness
  2. Self-compassion
  3. Self-acceptance
  4. Replay past achievements
  5. Begin your day calmly
  6. Seek support
  7. Exercise
  8. Time management
  9. Time out
  10. Catastrophe scale

“This series guides teachers and principals who want to take the stress out of their daily work life and the lives of others. The techniques and skills outlined here will make your workplace less stressful and more enjoyable. Promise!”

Professor Michael Bernard, Founder of You Can Do It! Education


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