E1. Social-Emotional Learning for All: Best Practice of You Can Do It! Education eLearning Program

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Our most popular and successful PD program is now available online.

$215 per participant for up to 10 participants
$2,200 total for 11 or more participants


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Professor Michael E. Bernard

Target Audience

Primary and Secondary School Teachers, Special Educators, Schools Principals, Mental Health Practitioners


Narrated by Professor Michael Bernard this program brings to light new as well as experienced teachers current best practice of YCDI! Education including how to use our online curricula and integrate SEL in classrooms and school-wide. The program consists of 9 interactive modules covering the following topics:
  1. Social-emotional learning
  2. You Can Do It! Education
  3. Social-emotional learning curricula
  4. Teaching social-emotional learning skills
  5. School-wide practices to build a critical mass
  6. Teaching students how to change the way they think
  7. Overcoming student social-emotional difficulties
  8. The strength of self-acceptance
  9. Parent education
Each module takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. Participants receive a digital guide by Professor Michael Bernard Social-Emotional Learning for All: Best Practice of You Can Do It! Education (100+ pages) that summarises key content from all nine topics. Participants work through the program in their own time and place.


Participants will:

  1. increase their awareness and understanding of social-emotional learning
  2. understand the research-based social-emotional well-being framework of YCDI! Education
  3. be prepared to present YCDI! Educations online, digital curricula (e.g, Early Childhood, Program Achieve)
  4. broaden their methods in teaching social-emotional skills in the classroom
  5. be able to consider the range of proven, school-wide practices for incorporating YCDI! Education and social-emotional learning in school-home culture and practice
  6. become familiar with cognitive-behavioural methods they can employ with students to help shift their attitudes and self-talk from negative to positive
  7. deepen their understanding of the five social-emotional difficulties of students (e.g., anxiety, feeling down, anger, procrastination, not paying attention) and how they can be modified
  8. develop an awareness of the vital importance to student wellbeing of self-acceptance and the skills in being able to strengthen self-acceptance of all students
  9. become aware of resources offered in YCDI! Education that they can use to communicate with parents for them to become knowledgeable of at home SEL practices as well as the range of research-based parenting skills.
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"The course was really interesting, a fabulous refresher of the research behind YCDI! and the components of the program. Audio and video clips showing the language of YCDI! in action were especially helpful in giving examples of how to frame conversations with students and parents. The points for reflection at the end of each module helped consolidate my thinking. Having the accompanying course guide was so helpful as I didn’t need to furiously scribble down notes as I was listening. As someone who has used the YCDI! program for over 10 years, the Best Practice course was so valuable in re-centering my thinking."
Peita van Bussel
Transition to Year 2 Coordinator, Abbotsleigh


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