08. Investing in Parents

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Parent education classes to offer at your school.

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The evidence is clear to see. Parent education has a positive impact on parent stress, parent effectiveness and directly impacts children’s achievement and wellbeing. As such, schools have an important role to play in connecting their parent community to the vast literature on effective parenting by offering regular talks and workshops on different parenting practices.

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Professor Michael E. Bernard

Target Audience

School leaders, wellbeing coordinators, psychologists, counsellors, and teachers who present parent education sessions


This program contains a collection of parent education skill-building sessions designed to:

  • Reduce parent stress and increase parent wellbeing
  • Strengthen essential parenting skills related to relationship building, discipline, motivation, and social-emotional learning
  • Develop socially and emotionally highly competent children and adolescents

Sessions are designed to be presented to groups of parents of any size and take between 60 – 90 minutes to present.

The topics and content covered in Investing in Parents fall into three categories: positive parents, effective parents, and positive children. The content included in each parent session is based on an extensive study of what international research in the fields of parenting, child development, and related fields has discovered about ways that parents socialise and influence their achievement and wellbeing.

Positive Parents

The first sessions have a focus on parents, their goals and aspirations, the importance of their self-efficacy, parenting styles and their effects on children as well as how to manage stress and be resilient.

  • Session 1 – Parenting today: what do you want for your children?
  • Session 2 – The parenting style that matters most: ‘Authoritative’
  • Session 3 – Avoid common mistakes that parents can make (ineffective parenting)
  • Session 4 – Parent stress management and resilience
Effective Parents

The following sessions deal with different parenting practices related to parent-child relationships and communication, different ways parents can become involved with their children’s education, how parents can understand and cater for their children’s developing interests and different ways they can motivate their children.

  • Session 5 – Develop positive relationships with your children
  • Session 6 – Be involved in your children’s education
    Part A: Show interest
    Part B: Manage homework
    Part C: Tutor your child
    Part D: Steps to take if your child underachieves
  • Session 7 – Provide children responsibility and involve them in decision-making
  • Session 8 – Provide activities that accommodate children’s interests
  • Session 9 – How to motivate your children
Positive Children

The final sessions deal with how parents can teach their children social-emotional learning skills and develop character through teaching values and strengths.

  • Session 10 – Children’s social-emotional learning at home
  • Session 11 – Character education at home: values and strengths
    Part A: Values of good character
    Part B: Character strengths

Presented to groups of parents during the day or after school, the sessions generally consist of a mini-lecture presentation, discussion, and activities. We have also found that parents can also perform in the role of the leader in taking responsibility for the delivery of the sessions. In consultation with their parent community, schools can select one or more sessions to offer parents throughout the school year.


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