P08. Compass Program: How to Help Children Improve Their Reading

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For home use only – Digital Annual Subscription
(12 months access from date of purchase)

Over the past two decades, this best-selling program presented by the founder of You Can Do It! Education, Professor Michael Bernard, has helped countless parents learn powerful strategies for helping a child who is struggling with reading.


The Compass Program provides parents with the following four directions (things to say and do) at home to improve their children’s reading and overall achievement as well as their attitude and self-esteem.

Direction North: Parent-Child Relationship; The Do’s and Don’ts for Keeping Calm

Direction East: Guidelines for Homework Management; Homework Responsibilities of Parents and Children

Direction South: Developing Your Child’s Mindset for Achievement

Direction West: Interactive Home Learning Activities; 10 Important Reading Facts Children Need to Be Taught; How to Read Aloud to Your Child; Questions to Ask Your Child When Reading Aloud to Help Develop Reading Comprehension; How to Correct Your Child’s Reading Errors

This item is for individual home/parent use only.

Schools and Organisations please see our Education Resources for school-based parent education.


Professor Michael E. Bernard and Patricia C. Bernard

Target Audience

Parents and guardians of children of all ages


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