09. Coaching Teachers and Parents to Build Social-Emotional Strengths of Students with Achievement, Behaviour and Mental Health Issues

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A complete set of tools for teachers and parents to use with students identified by school staff as being ‘at risk.

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Professor Michael E. Bernard

Target Audience

Psychologists, counsellors, student wellbeing/welfare and others concerned with the development of individual behaviour management and learning programs and who provide support to teachers and parents


This step-by-step program provides a complete set of tools (steps, surveys, coaching advice) which can be used with teachers and parents when a student has been identified by school staff as being ‘at risk’ or experiencing a significant social-emotional blocker (anger-misbehaviour, anxiety, feeling down, not paying attention, procrastination).

The sections of this coaching program include:

I. Background: Cognitive-Behavioural Coaching
II. Coaching Program
  • A. Pre-requisites for Coach
  • B. 6-step Coaching Program
  • Step 1. First Meeting. Evaluation of Student’s Social-Emotional Needs (surveys completed). Relationship Building. Setting Goals
  • Step 2. Second Meeting. Coaching Teachers and Parents
  • Step 3. Brief Contact. Progress Monitoring
  • Step 4. Third Meeting. Additional Goals and Further Coaching
  • Step 5. Brief Contact. Progress Monitoring
  • Step 6. Final Meeting. Evaluation of Progress (surveys completed)
III. Coaching Student Social-Emotional Strengths
  • Confidence
  • Persistence
  • Organisation
  • Getting Along
  • Resilience
IV. Appendices, Social-Emotional Surveys and Blockers
  • Screening Survey (Teacher Form)
  • Screening Survey (Parent Form)
  • Summary -Survey of Student Social-Emotional Strengths (Teacher Form)
  • Survey of Student Social-Emotional Strengths (Parent Form)
  • Summary Profile of Student’s Social-Emotional Strengths

“For many years, I worked as an Educational Psychologist in primary and secondary schools. Students were referred to me who presented with social-emotional difficulties including anxiety, feeling down and issues in anger management. I also worked extensively with students referred for problems of motivation and under-achievement. Using cognitive-behavioural, rational-emotive methods, I counselled these students on a 1:1 basis over weeks of intervention. I also consulted with their teachers and parents who were quite anxious about these young people and who quite frankly, did not know what to do. As a result of these experiences, I learnt quite a lot about how parents and teachers can help young people overcome social-emotional blockers. A lot of what I discovered I have summarised in this digital book for you to use with your students.”

Professor Michael Bernard, Founder of You Can Do It! Education


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