The Parenting Style that Builds Greatest Resilience in Kids

Kids are often better than adults at bouncing back and some kids seem to be born with a temperament that provides them with a talent for resilience and an ability …

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Why our kids need to be taught social-emotional skills

As parents, we really want our kids to get the most out of learning and life in general. Learning can be fun, especially when kids are encouraged and challenged, both …

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high performance leadership skills

Investing in leadership development: Skillset or mindset?

The qualities of successful leaders, and the importance of investing in leadership development. If you had a $100 to invest in developing your leadership capability, would you spend it on …

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Your inner CEO

Your ‘inner CEO’: Neuroleadership at work

Based on findings from neuroleadership, we now know that your brain’s pre-frontal cortex carries out essential duties for high workplace performance.Consider the question, what is the main influence of leadership …

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workplace resilience

Workplace resilience and how to stay emotionally sober

Senior leadership has the challenge of creating workplace resilience to encourage staff to protect themselves against bullying. Professor Michael Bernard While getting rid of bullying behaviour is everyone’s responsibility, senior …

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Why self-acceptance is crucial for workplace performance

Whether your organisation is excelling in workplace performance depends on the positive self-acceptance of your employees. Professor Michael Bernard Latest research reveals the importance of positive self-acceptance in the way …

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How to bullet proof your employees against work stress

Bad things happen when your employees experience extreme pressure at work. Find out how to bullet proof them against work stress. Professor Michael Bernard You will know that when stress …

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Procrastinate later! How to motivate others

If you are exasperated by people who promise to do things but fail to deliver, here is how to motivate others, so they procrastinate later. Professor Michael Bernard Procrastination involves …

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High performance selling: What makes a sales star

When it comes to high performance selling, we know that attitude matters. Attitude can either sabotage or enhance productivity when it comes to selling. Professor Michael Bernard We all know …

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