Mental health of dads can affect their parenting

Mental Health of Dads can Affect their Parenting

It’s not just mums who can suffer from pre and post-natal depression, dads are also at risk. Researchers have mainly studied pre and post-natal depression …

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Reducing Parent’s Stress Increases Children’s Self Esteem

Here’s some vital news for parents who are stressed Everyone knows that healthy self-esteem is crucial to a child’s sense of value and self-worth. What …

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Parents and Fatigue

Been wondering why parenting drains your energy? Well, it seems you’re not alone. Researchers at the Parenting Research Centre in Melbourne undertook an Australian community …

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Students are like icebergs: Their attitudes are deep!

Attitudes are particularly important to a young person’s wellbeing. The iceberg model shown above illustrates the powerful influence attitudes have on how young people think, …

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Beating Bullying by Thinking Differently

Having a resilient mindset makes a big difference to how much damage bullying does – parents and teachers can help kids learn that they have …

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The Parenting Style that Builds Greatest Resilience in Kids

Kids are often better than adults at bouncing back and some kids seem to be born with a temperament that provides them with a talent …

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