Best Practice of You Can Do It! Education

Professional Development 1 hour Webinar plus Elearning Course

Presenter: Professor Michael E. Bernard

17 March

Wednesday (2021)




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Registrants unable to attend the live webinar will be emailed a link to the recorded event.

For educators (e.g., principals, classroom teachers. Wellbeing coordinators) and mental health practitioners who teach and work with children and adolescents (ages 4 – 18 yrs).

Who Should Enrol

  • If you are seeking a comprehensive, across year-level program aligned with ACARA and listed as a best practice program by Be You.
  • If you are new to YCDI! Education
  • If you want to re-invigorate YCDSI! Education at your school
  • If you have responsibility for staff development


Webinar presented by Michael Bernard will focus on the basics for teaching the Program Achieve, online social-emotional learning curricula as well as classroom and school-wide social-emotional practices. The webinar provides participants with what they need to know and do to teach students aged 4 – 18 years.

  • positive attitudes, for example, self-acceptance, high frustration tolerance, optimism
  • social-emotional skills, confidence, persistence, organisation, getting along, resilience
  • character values/strengths including respect, responsibility, gratitude, love of learning
  • as well as how to overcome social-emotional difficulties including anxiety, procrastination and feeling down


Social-Emotional Learning for All: Best Practice of You Can Do It! Education

Following the webinar, individual LOGINs will be emailed to each participant. The course takes approximately four hours to complete or in several sessions during the 90-day access period.

The elearning course, narrated by Michael Bernard, consists of a broader, in-depth presentation across nine modules on strengthening students’ social-emotional development:

  1. Social-Emotional Learning
  2. You Can Do It! Education
  3. Social-Emotional Learning Curricula
  4. Teaching Social-Emotional Skills
  5. School-wide Practices for Building Critical Mass
  6. Teaching Students How to Change the Way They Think
  7. Overcoming Students’ Social-Emotional Difficulties
  8. The Strength of Self-Acceptance
  9. Parent Education

Participants receive a 100+ page interactive, downloadable guide, SEL: Best Practice of You Can Do It! Education providing an ongoing reference.

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